1.3. Component Wishlist

1.3. Component Wishlist

The prooph component wishlist is our "todo" list. We want to share it with you. So you always know what is going on at prooph, who will take care of new features and most importantly:

Is there something on the list you can help with?

If you want to become a core contributor to one or more features on the list, drop us a request in our chat: Gitter

1.3.1. Status Caption

  • in progress: development is in progress but it is not production ready. As soon as the first stable release is available the component will be moved from wishlist to the official components list
  • planned: Will be developed in the near future. Ask the maintainer if you want to help.
  • requested: Would be a good addition but we are looking for maintainers or will implement it later. If you would like start working on it please drop us a note.

1.3.2. The List

New Feature Status Maintainer
http message producer for prooph/service-bus in progress @codeliner
zeromq message producer in progress @bweston92
amqp message producer planned @prolic
saga / process manager abstraction requested -
php-event-store-client adapter requested -

1.3.3. Request a component

You have an idea for a feature? Great! Simply fork proophessor, add the feature to the list and submit a pull request with a short description.