1.2. prooph components

1.2. prooph components

1.2.1. prooph/common

Common classes shared between prooph components


1.2.2. Prooph Service Bus (PSB)

PHP 5.5+ lightweight message bus supporting CQRS and Micro Services

prooph/service-bus Bernard Message Producer

prooph/psb-bernard-producer for prooph/service-bus. Service Bus ZfcRbac Bridge

prooph/service-bus-zfc-rbac-bridge for prooph/service-bus

1.2.3. Prooph Event Store

ProophEventStore is capable of persisting event objects that are organized in streams.

prooph/event-store MongoDB Event Store Adapter

prooph/event-store-mongodb-adapter Doctrine DBAL Event Store Adapter


1.2.4. Snapshotter

Take aggregate snapshots with ease

prooph/snapshotter MongoDB Snapshot Adapter

prooph/snapshot-mongodb-adapter Doctrine DBAL Snapshot Adapter

prooph/snapshot-doctrine-adapter Memcached Snapshot Adapter


1.2.5. Prooph Event Sourcing

Simple and lightweight event sourcing library with out of the box support for prooph/event-store.


1.2.6. prooph/event-store-bus-bridge

Glue component between prooph/service-bus and prooph/event-store