4.2. Event Publishing

4.2. Event Publishing

The Prooph\EventStoreBusBridge\EventPublisher is an event store plugin which listens on the event store commit.post action event. It iterates over the recordedEvents and publishes each on the Prooph\ServiceBus\EventBus.

4.2.1. Set Up

The EventPublisher requires an instance of Prooph\ServiceBus\EventBus at construction time. Furthermore, the publisher implements Prooph\EventStore\Plugin\Plugin. So you need to pass the event store to the EventPublisher::setUp method. That's it. From this moment on all domain events are published on the event bus when an event store transaction is committed. Container-Driven Set Up

If you are using the container-aware factory shipped with prooph/event-store you may also want to auto register the EventPublisher. First you need to make the event publisher available as a service in the container. You can use the Prooph\EventStoreBusBridge\Container\EventPublisherFactory for that.

Note: The event bus should be available as service Prooph\ServiceBus\EventBus in the container. But if your event bus is registered with another service name you can extend the factory and override the protected method getEventBusServiceName.

Map the factory to a service name like prooph.event_publisher and add this service name to the list of event store plugins in your application configuration. Also have a look at the event store docs for more details about the plugin system.