Migration from v6 to v7

Moved classes

The Prooph\Snapshot\* classes are now moved to its own repository SnapshotStore.

The Prooph\Aggregate\* classes are now moved into the event-sourcing repository.

Interfaces VS adapters

The event store now ships with a Prooph\EventStore\ReadOnlyEventStore and a Prooph\EventStore\EventStore interface. No event store adapters exist any more, instead there are different implementations of an event store.


In order to use action events like in v6, you need to wrap your event store.

$eventStore = new ActionEventEmitterEventStore($eventStore);


$eventStore = new TransactionalActionEventEmitterEventStore($eventStore);

Also there are no more .pre and .post commit hooks any more, instead this is handled with different priorities now.


Instead of calling


you now need to call


Interaction with the event store

If you are using the event-store together with the event-sourcing component, most stuff is pretty much unchanged for you, as you don't interact with the event store directly (this is done by the event-sourcing component).

If you are making calls to the event store yourself, take a look at the event_store docs on how the new usage is.

DB migrations

If you are using v6 with MySQL (using doctrine adpater) and you want to switch to v7 with MySQL (using pdo-event-store), you need to upgrade your database before you do this (same for other db vendors of course). The way events are persisted have changed and you cannot simply update your source code to make this change. You need to write a migration script, take the database offline, perform the migration and go back online.

Things to do to migrate:

  • Read all events
  • Update event metadata
  • Persist the event back to a new stream created with v7

This would need to be done for all event streams.

As this is a very tough job, we don't provide any migration script currently and for some applications a downtime is not acceptable, then v7 might not be the right choice for you, use it when you can take the application offline for a while and you can perform the db migration or wait with v7 usage, until you start a new project.

We will support v6 series with bugfixes at least for a year (until mid 2018).